The ELOHI Experience

ELOHI Camps Collection creates endless opportunities to share incredible once in a lifetime experiences through our exquisite collection of luxury eco-resorts in the Western United States. Our unique and curated ELOHI programs provide each guest with authentic and transformational experiences by incorporating immersive activities, exceptional local food, and remarkable hospitality in stunning natural surroundings.

We offer an All-Inclusive luxury experience with customized activities and outdoor excursions next to the most pristine National Parks. Each journey is guided by a team of Adventure Specialists, who deliver immersive experiences based on the principles of safety, respect, and curiosity.

Our sustainable design is cleverly integrated into the surrounding wilderness. The walkways are crafted with local wood and seamlessly connect each luxury suite with communal areas. The ELOHI suites provide guests a secluded yet luxurious experience and incorporate large private viewing decks for enjoyment. Breathe the fresh mountain air, sip wine while relaxing in your private jacuzzi, or simply rest beneath the moonlit sky.

We designed ELOHI to foster a deeper connection between guest and nature. At the end of the ELOHI journey, we hope each traveler departs with an aura of rejuvenation and returns home with a new sense of meaning.

All-Inclusive Program

ELOHI Camps Collection offers an All-Inclusive experience. Our rates are priced per night (double occupancy) and include all meals and beverages, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic except for the ELOHI Reserve Wine List and top-shelf spirits.

The All-Inclusive package also includes local transportation and our group activities and excursions. Private excursions and guided tours are available at an additional cost.

Cultivating Curiosity

Curating Adventures

The joy of discovery…

ELOHI unveils to the mindful traveler a world of wonderment. A night sky speckled with stars beyond the eye’s count. Heroic shapes of guardian mountains. The gentle whisper of the elusive wind. Luminous landscapes that pull one’s being towards self-discovery.

ENJOY unparalleled access to the most stunning national parks and pristine remote lands in the Western U.S.

Join us and begin the journey.

ELOHI – Empowering Discovery!



ELOHI’s success is directly linked to the well-being of our community and environment at large. The ELOHI environmental strategy is focused on the long-term health of the local, regional and planetary ecosystems. We strive to go beyond basic business and operations compliance on environmental issues and understand that even the smallest environmental initiative can have a big impact on our community and the planet. From high-performance green buildings to solar panels and sustainable products, every detail of ELOHI’s camps has been thoughtfully crafted to reduce waste, promote recycling and upcycling, energy and water conservation, along with other sustainability initiatives.

Zero Waste

is a guiding principle at ELOHI Camps Collection. We understand it is an ambitious goal and requires innovative solutions for diverting all ELOHI’s waste away from landfills and towards sustainable and recyclable avenues. It is the backbone of our commitment to positive environmental stewardship and is a goal we pursue continuously. We look for opportunities to eliminate waste wherever we can.

Water Conservation

We understand the importance of the sustainable management of water and water resources for our camps and our communities. Our water management plan and reduction initiatives consist of water audits and establishing a monitoring and tracking system to ensure optimum water and energy efficiency. Included in the camp design are various conservation strategies, such as low-flow technology, rainwater harvesting, guest incentivization programs for water reduction, and greywater strategies where viable.

Minimal light pollution

ELOHI Camps Collection understands the negative impact that an ill-conceived lighting design can have on the environment, including disturbing local ecosystems, wildlife, and the view of the night sky. ELOHI incorporates sustainable lighting design concepts to ensure our camps have a minimal impact on the night sky and surrounding ecosystems. Utilization of intentional and sustainable lighting design helps reduce carbon emissions by decreasing fossil fuel use. In turn, this helps save energy and more importantly, the planet.

Community impact & engagement

Our vendor partnerships reflect our commitment to the health of our world, both locally and globally. We cultivate strong relationships with regional businesses and the surrounding sustainable/organic agricultural community, local artists, designers, producers and suppliers.

As a sourcing strategy, we buy locally when local is best, and we work with the local community to make local best. We build strong partnerships with vendors and producers that engage in an ecologically balanced, holistic approach to product production and agriculture, resulting in energy savings and waste reduction in our supply chain. By building these partnerships, we increase the demand for locally produced goods and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Social Commitment: As an active member of the community, ELOHI Camps Collection supports Sustainable Tourism development and positive community change.  ELOHI takes an active role in local community organizations to build long-term partnerships and value for the region.

Improving the sustainability performance of our resorts is an ongoing commitment and we continuously strive to reduce energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste while impoving the overall health of the local community and environment

Where it all started…

Tito Gana

ELOHI Camps Collection is a combination of true passion and deep inspiration. It started 35 years ago, when Alberto Gana (known as Tito by family and friends) began his studies to become an Architect. His vision, to understand how different shapes, textures, and colors from nature can be incorporated holistically into our daily lives and create a deeper connection between us and the natural world.

His quest to explore the connectivity between architecture and earth’s most intriguing shapes and elements took him to every corner of the planet. Using nature as inspiration he began to incorporate the perspective of nature in his architectural design process.

His passion for the outdoors also sparked his innate entrepreneurial spirit and after closing his successful architectural firm in 1999, Tito launched Latitud 90, a travel company focused on developing learning and educational travel experiences in Chile through innovative programs. After almost a decade as CEO, Tito’s entrepreneurial itch returned, and he embarked on his most ambitious project to that point: Patagonia Camp.

Located in Torres del Paine – Chile, Patagonia Camp was the first Eco-Glamping resort in South America. The camp merges Tito’s love of architecture, adventure and the outdoors, resulting in a unique and luxurious nature experience that is rooted in the principles of sustainability.

Never one to stand still, Tito set his sights on the U.S. and in 2018, moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. After spending several months biking and trekking throughout the area, he realized the beauty, rich history and splendor of the National Parks in the western U.S. was missing an immersive and authentic travel experience similar to Patagonia Camp. That realization inspired Tito to replicate the magic of Patagonia Camp in the breathtaking western mountain region of the U.S.

ELOHI Camps Collection brings Tito’s vision to life and provides travelers from every corner of the globe an opportunity to explore the great western mountain region of the U.S. and its National Parks with awe and reverence.

About Us

Tito Gana

Alberto has been in the tourism and travel industry for over 25 years creating and establishing several companies in Chile. An architect by trade and an entrepreneur by nature, he has dedicated his career to building unique travel companies based on the principles of social and environmental responsibility. Alberto is one of the founders of Latitud 90, as well as, the innovative South American DMC Southbound Travel and is also the founding partner and creator of Patagonia Camp in Torres del Paine, Chile, the first and most recognized luxury Glamping resort in South America. Alberto was a former president of “Turismo Chile” and also served as president of the Chilean Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Alberto has been an active member of the YPO organization since 2010.

Keith Sullivan

A global operations executive with more than 20 years of domestic and international experience, Keith brings ELOHI Camps Collection expertise in hospitality management and operations, business consulting, and land development and project management. As General Manager of Ulbrich Special Metals Asia Pacific, Keith collaborated with government officials, regulatory bodies, and foreign investment authorities to drive the company’s expansion into Asia, successfully establishing and developing new distribution and manufacturing operations across the region. As Managing Director of T-Spoon Hospitality Management Group, he provided solutions-based hospitality management and operations services for owners and investors in the competitive SE Asia market. Keith’s profound passion for travel has taken him to over 20 countries, and his experience living in four different ones has enriched his global perspective and deepened his understanding of diverse cultural landscapes. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Brad Taylor

Brad brings real estate, hospitality, financial, and legal expertise to ELOHI Camps Collection. He began his career as an attorney in Texas with international law firms before shifting to private equity. As the General Counsel in Paris with Orco Property Group, a publicly listed real estate company with 2 billion euros of assets located throughout Central & Eastern Europe, he worked with MaMaison Hotels & Residences and served on the board of directors of Suncani Hvar Hotels and Orco Germany.  
Based in Washington DC, Brad also serves as the CEO of Ott Ventures USA where he has started and invested in several companies and real estate developments at various stages of growth and works with the Velvet Fund.  
Brad is a Canadian citizen and has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, a JD from Baylor University School of Law, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Established in 2007, Patagonia Camp was the dream of two innovative teams who partnered to develop the first (and now) the best, Glamping Resort in South America. Latitud 90, a Chilean travel company focused on learning programs and adventure experiences joined forces with the entrepreneurial Matetic family, owners of multiple Chilean Vineyards, a private aviation firm, hotels, and the owners of the magnificent land on which Patagonia Camp resides.

Patagonia Camp was created based on the principles of sustainability and a passion to help protect the planet. Environmental stewardship is a core value of Patagonia Camp and the resort incorporated many eco-friendly construction methods during its development and continues to operate under the guiding principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Since 2007, Patagonia Camp has been at the forefront of the hospitality industry in Chile and continues to inspire its clients by offering a unique nature experience, exceptional cuisine and incredible immersive excursions in beautiful Torres del Paine, Patagonia (Chile).

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